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My passion is code quality, automated testing, software craftsmanship.

This blog has moved (Blogger vs GitHub Pages)

Hi there! I'm so glad you've found my blog!

My blog is now:

Over the years, I've just never been able to find a blogging platform that I'm happy with. Blogger has been really good from an admin perspective, but not so much for WRITING blog posts. I prefer Markdown as a file format, and GitHub Pages supports [Markdown]( very well.

I still haven't found a blogging workflow that motivates me to blog more, but for what it's worth I've decided to switch to GitHub Pages for now.

I may perhaps try to port my old blogposts from this Blogger site (and maybe even older ones from WordPress) to my new blog some day. But in the future, please look for me at

Also please consider joining Twitter and follow me at @codeblast. Hope to hear from you!

Update 2/28/2016:
Today I finally imported my old posts from my previous Blogger website at to GitHub Pages using the jekyll-import Ruby gem... Unfortunately I couldn't import the comments from Blogger, so they'll be lost. I'm now using [Disqus]( for the comments system.