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Another Note To Self: Setting up the Mac Mini

Sublime Text 3:

I'm using Sublime Text as my default editor on Mac and Windows (replaced Notepad++ about a year ago as my favourite editor on Windows). One of the things I like about Sublime is that the plugins are written in Python. I haven't tried creating my own plugin but I am trying to use Python more so this is one more thing to keep in mind.


This time I'm not going to install the Xcode Command-Line Tools just to get git.

Two easy alternatives seem to be:
1. Install GitHub for Mac and install the Git command-line from the Preferences menu
2. Use Homebrew to install git.

I've opted for option 1. This installs the git binary to /usr/local/bin/git. You need to add the /usr/local/bin directory to your path.

Next I installed SourceTree.


I want a dark theme for the OSX Terminal and found:

curl -O

In Terminal, import the settings with Command+O and select the Solarized file. This gives me a basic dark theme. Not completely happy with it yet but it's a start.