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How to configure the Samsung Galaxy 5 / Europa to work with ADB / Android Studio

I want to deploy an Android application from Android Studio to an old Samsung GT-I5500 (known as Galaxy 5 or Galaxy Europa) running Android 2.2 Froyo (API level 8). (Yes, it's probably worth testing on old phones too, although I admit Froyo is at the very bottom 2.4% of distributions!)

Summary of steps:
  1. Enable USB debugging
  2. Select USB connection mode to "UMS mode only"
First enable USB debugging by going to Settings -> Applications -> Development -> enable "USB debugging".

Plug in the USB cable from the computer to the phone. The phone will pop up the "Setting USB" dialog and ask you to select "KIES" or "UMS mode only". You want to select the first option: UMS mode only. (Kies is Samsung's software for updating the phone's software etc).

Now the I5500 shows up on my devices list in Android Studio. My Android application was configured for minSdkVersion 10 so notice the "no" in the Compatible column when I tried to run the application:

I modified the build.gradle file to minSdkVersion 8 and also set android:minSdkVersion="8" in the AndroidManifest.xml file. Now the app deploys OK.

Of course ADB.exe also lists the I5500 correctly now:

D:\Android\android-studio\sdk\platform-tools> adb devices
List of devices attached
I550030d7c481   device